Die kleine Göttin - erste Versuche

Wer bei diesem und beim nachfolgende Lied jede Zeile erläutern kann, der hat die Grundlagen der Physik für's Abitur verstanden. :-)


the universe
eli riccardi 2014

When she was done with her project, there was a big applause
in the school of gods and godesses she gave a new cause
she made the universe
Kept it sleek, made 3 dimensions, the 4th was just coincidence
called it pack of energy, not there but gave it existence

It's supposed to be the universe, where love is made
but still coincidence
unpredictable but logical
inside 3 dimensions, packed all in a forth
oh in a time warp
sooner said then just brought on..

First was space in space, something massive could come out of it
and Newton was her golden shine
he'll find out in a bit, oh and he did
Some of that mass she gave a job, plus and minuses energy
which people of her universe should experiment and see
But not like the other gods who made them the same
she made them odd, so they'd attract

And she called it the universe, where love is made
in structure and coincidence

Mass and mass attract each other, loaded parts attract or deny
gravity around mass, electric fields around loaded mass
Two flys one slap, and around, moving mass fields of magnets..

Oh it's bundled up, space and time,
the universe is like bent over
beauty of 4 dimensions
because of coincidence
all in quantum

All this should have a future
so nobody should notice
so reality is actio equals reactio
oh all energy shouldnt get lost
When she was done with her project, there was a big applause ,
but when she said angular momentum  and impulse,
turning impulse
they wanted more

She made the universe, where love is made ...

Eigentlich ist es die Story

von der kleinen Göttin in Liedform.